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Why work with ACG


Personal care, attention, and quick response times of both engineers and management

We understand that your lab requires “uptime”.  We understand that deadlines are a part of life and need to be met.  Whether your lab requires daily, weekly, monthly, or just annual Preventive Maintenance services ACG is dedicated to creating a program that will keep your instrumentation running at optimum performance.  Our client relations managers and engineers understand that our success is in creating success for our clients and we diligently prove this day by day.


All documentation is cGMP and maintained according to ISO 9000 specifications

Compliance is imperative.  ACG understands this.  This is why we study compliance guidelines, manuals, ISO, USP and industry updates in our fields of expertise to stay on the cutting edge.  Our engineers have been trained and certified and carry that certification with them to each client.

Six days of service per week

When business picks up and workdays extend, ACG is ready to provide services 24/7 if needed.  Contracts are available for these extended service times on an individual client basis.

Our engineers are OEM certified

ACG invests in our engineers with OEM training and certification because we are dedicated to growth.  Benjamin Franklin stated, “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”  Growth in knowledge, communication, and technology is incorporated into ACG’s mission statement.

Our combination of technical knowledge and USP guidelines

ACG has amassed an astounding amount of documentation, training outlines, technical documents, operators manuals, service manuals, instrument specifications, USP and FDA specifications and compliance guidelines into an intensive in-house training program that was built to impress.  Engineers go through a thorough training period that covers the professional, technical, hardware, and software outlines, expectations, problems, possible errors, repairs, and different scenarios to prepare them to confidently provide the needed service required by their clients.